Research: Urban Department


Food production and processing technologies:

  • Fibre enrichment with fruit fibre in bakery products
  • Healthy food based on constitutional oils, made possible by novel emulsion technologies
  • Fermentation processes of soft drinks and raw sausages
  • Innovative sausage and pastry combination products
  • Collagen extraction for applications in non-food-technologies

Material Testing and Analysis

  • Particle size measuring instrument “AccuSizer 7802” (PSS Nicomp: dynamic light scattering)
  • Particle charge detector “Mütek PCD-04” (BTG)
  • Viscometer “LVDV – III Ultra” (Brookfield)
  • High-performance thin layer chromatography (CAMAG)
  • Karl Fischer titration (Metrohm)
  • CIELAB color measuring system (Minolta)
  • Wet-chemical analysis of different macro and micro nutrients in food products
  • Analysis of pectin and fibers
  • Enzyme analysis