🌽 Maize harvesting in the EU project successfully finished

IASP together with the Czech cooperation partner ASIO TECH, has harvested this year's maize plot field trials.The effects, such as different fertilisation and different varieties were investigated under the special climatic conditions of southern Moravia on 60 plots near Dyjákovice at the Austrian border. The IASP team brought their plot forage harvester to the Czech Republic- which was a considerable transport effort, but it allowed a precise and quick harvesting. All the collected data and the samples taken are being analysed and evaluated for subsequent joint publication.
The Czech-German cooperation is taking place as "case studies" within the framework of the EU project Circular Agronomics.

Circular Agronomics in South Moravia
Plot trials 2021
Circular Agronomics in South Moravia
Maize harvesting in EU project